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companies would be penalized by usa for doing business in iran and at the same time if they're follow their diktats from washington the potential of those companies being penalized in the european union so it puts these companies in a very difficult situation but this i think is only applicable to the very large multinational corporations that have exposure to different regions perhaps the semi sector the slump is a small to medium enterprises that are operating in the european union they may want to do trade with iran and because they have no exposure possibly with their u.s. market therefore they would be able to stand up and continue doing business with iran. in other news gang warfare took over the streets of chicago this weekend with numerous bystanders caught up in the crossfire twelve people were killed and sixty six injured including several children police say armed gangsters in the city
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simply don't fear the law. mean the being killed in chicago has been in books locals have taken to calling their hometown shy rag. one of the biggest street gangs selling drugs with. so much out of. how easy is it going to go. we need to create a culture of accountability picking up a gun and using it. local
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politicians are now appealing to the president to intervene directly even the city's mayor wants the glass recalled trump free zone i think what he's doing is wrong for the direction the city is not how i wanted the election to turn out and so we've declared chicago's going to try to be a trump free zone we have to make sure that prison from work and not everyone believes that chicago is a trump free zone if these series about helping the people in chicago especially on the west side of chicago accepted so the gang violence took place right off a street protest on thursday people claim the bloodshed has been caused by official corruption in chicago we spoke to gregory livingston who organized the march. toggle was intentionally segregated segregated in terms of geography. segregated in terms of educational assets health care assets capital investment plans has been segregated for quite
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a long time matter of fact we martin king said all throughout the south he had march but chicago was the most segregated city he had ever been in and we're still facing the the. the byproduct of this legacy because when you segregate the city you insulate one part of the city is such a way in comfort and you ostracize the other in a lack of at a lack of assets poverty challenge to disadvantage which generate a certain level of violence american soldiers have been banned from using fitness track apps that story and more still to come on the program. the americans are still in shock they're still dealing with the psychological damage of nine eleven they still need enemies they still unjustified they still are having troubles walking through it meanwhile the rest the world is
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a leap frogging it. in a world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back to the program international chemical weapons expert so heading to the english town of amesbury next week to probe the nerve agent poisoning that which left one person dead and another severely ill. the experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons returned to the u.k. to continue their work to independently confirm the identity of the nerve agent which resulted in the death of one british national in angry and left another seriously you presumably they're going to be able to try to help move the investigation forward we do know that they will be collecting further sound polls they will be sending those back to o.p.c. w. labs and then reporting back to the u.k. and of course this comes as investigators continue to try to piece together what it is exactly that unraveled on june thirtieth and amesbury one two british citizens were taken to hospital and treated on suspicions of novacek poisoning and of course one of those people died and what it is that happened on march fourth when former
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double agent sergei script hall and his daughter yulia were poisoned leading to a major international scandal because still as we speak right now today both of these cases continue to be plagued really with the lack of any tangible findings some of the latest details circulating here in the british press have included claims citing sources close to the investigation that police had reportedly identified two suspects in the poisoning claiming that they were russians those reports even suggested that british authorities are getting ready to ask for those people to be extradited however those are very quickly played down in russia of course said that they've received no such request and have talked about the number of speculations that have been flying around involving these cases says the salzburg incident there have been no less than one hundred reports based on leaks and sources that's why we shouldn't rely on this information we don't trust unconfirmed reports in the media hopefully with this latest upcoming o.p.c. w.
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visit more information will be shed on those two cases security analyst charles troubridge says it could even be harder for the british government and media to stand by their story. the question of course is that he's been asked is whether it's going to be the same batch what it's going to be actually linked this new finding of novacek if it turns out that they weren't linked that of course would stretch the level of imagination coincidence really two incredibly incredibly lutie in a way because that would suggest that there were two separate plots a or perhaps two sources of navi chalk and therefore i think even the british government you've already alluded in your report to the various different leaks and different stories that have come out in the british media i think even the british media and british government would be hard pressed to explain that particular coincidence that what we've effectively got here from the u.k. authorities is a media blackout that media blackout has lasted now for more than five months there
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have been you can count on one hand the number of times police have made a statement about the script or case or the end of a case combined and most of those are literally public information around public safety issues very unusually for such an intensive investigation such a high profile high profile investigation. the son of a jailed bahraini opposition figure is going on hunger strike over his father's alleged mistreatment in prison. protesting outside the country's london embassy he spoke to r.t. . my father was seventy years or serving life in prison and behind it was they thought surely they would tell me they are in
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a denial from medical treatment there for me to visit the x. is the book even what i thought i. was quiet but my father court for robbing the decatur of regime in my country i'm talking are above the basic rights which is medical treatment to man who is seventy years old. i'm calling for family visitation because he didn't i mean see my family and me to come here in a few months what is that he's in for denial medical treatment for seven years what man did is not nor the pursuit if he did is not support reason. yeah. he continues to receive medical examination
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along with these prescribed medications and a special diet aspire that his medical regime. i don't look up to or you'd be there for a few more i started when i was asian about my father situation because nothing changed and they've been my father is dying biscotti. we asked the bahraini foreign ministry to comment on the claims of prisoner abuse while waiting for their response. the pentagon has banned the use of geolocation tracking applications by soldiers saying they could they could put missions at risk if to the immediately defense department personal approval to from using jewel occasion features and functionality on government and non-government issued device these applications and services. needed as operational areas in the memo comes after revelations earlier this year that secret american bases could be found when searching for jogging tracks on the global map of the straw fitness platform
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starting in two thousand and seven strother has more than a billion jogging and cycle routes logged by users around the world close analysis though revealed concentrated patterns in remote areas in northern syria and afghanistan which it's claimed is likely to be troops keeping fit strieber has defended its data saying all users have to opt in to being shown on the map. retired u.s. army major general paul valley told us such restrictions will only increase in the future. you can take your i phone your other cell phones know and others can track you family members and so on but when it comes to operational areas there are troops or a fighting unit or operating and we certainly don't want anybody especially the enemy to be able to track their location target them you have to keep in mind many of your soldiers have their own private cell phones and to use for personal matters the family also you have a government issued cell phone satellite phones that are given to the troops in the
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field to use cell phones have to be restricted only from the standpoint of who there are communicating with family and other members i think it's going to be more restrictive in the future because of where technology is today to twenty eight dean and the ability for others to tap into your phone conversations or actually through social media or facebook or whatever it may be. thousands of syrian refugees returning home as government forces drive out the latest pockets of militant resistance it's a long awaited homecoming for many families some news outlets though see the situation very differently as you go to start off explains. a brutal despot a mass murderer a children gassing animal the nicknames the international media tag the syrian president bashar assad with self-explanatory as to why seven million syrians had
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fled the country since two thousand and eleven pundits prophesies the dictatorship must come down before anyone would dare to go home when we asked them about president bashar al assad they said they don't want him dead because that would be too easy it is the syrian government in fact more than isis that has ruined their lives and led to so much of the refugee crisis they escape with their children and if you please actions but as they crossed the border to safety many also bring their hatred of the man they blame for leaving them homeless come twenty team the syrian army is one by one retaking new areas from opposing factions and he assad forces once in charge of the larger part of syria are reduced to two small pockets of land and what's that tide of refugees is coming home we want to go back we want to return to our beloved syria i want my daughter to
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have a future she doesn't. have then i want to go back to syria return to our home alicia said as for why i am going back there is no place like home we were not happy here thank god safety and security of back in syria and separate danny now we are hopefully returning home it's not a case of a few mad men who are for some twisted reason seeking to return under the regime of a tyrant according to the russian defense ministry out of those seven million that escape the conflict more than one and a half are seeking to come back to syria now there's more the path has already been paved for them the u.n. recorded more than seven hundred thousand series. who returned last year and began rebuilding their lives. thank god the electricity is back and life went back to normal again i want to fix my home and sleep with peace of
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mind of course there are millions who are still too afraid to go back for many it is indeed the dread of us stopping them but those who did and are returning may very well inspire hundreds of thousands more to go back to their roots. from human rights watch told us that the people returning home need additional assistance but it's difficult to keep track of all the numbers of people that are going back but we do know that some individuals have returned to government territory and the territory that has been held now by democratic forces the u.s. forces does include displaced from other parts of the country as well as the rest that were originally from syria so some syrians are electing to return i know those continue to remain. countries and other countries for fear that they would be
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caught up in the conflict or. persecution by the syrian government there is a construct that the russian government and other governments. and ensure that conditions do develop so that more syrians have confidence in return even. some twenty ultra orthodox jews have been arrested after clashing with israeli police at a rally against the conscription. i was i i was when i heard hundreds of believers block traffic on the streets of the city have been a broch the oppose the arrest of a religious student who failed to report to a military enlistment office police used water cannon as they tried to break up the
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sit in a limited number of religious students in israel all rigs sent from military service but only if they report to authorities and prove their status but is there also fear is that a new bill. comes funding for religious colleges that fail to meet their enlistment quotas. i just going to thirty am here in moscow that's it for myself and a team here for this hour join us again in twenty five minutes for the latest global news updates. america was never great was founded on the rape and murder. nothing changed so we said all response to these situations that we're dealing with.
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people just sad every day she is just sad people kill each other blood for killing children. there was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down by law enforcement. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this is can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to ride like this is the reason. with no let me just manufacture them sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round if suddenly the woman said oh. that's nice we
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can all middle of the room say. tomorrow i mean really need room. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. thanks for being on board i'm bart shelton coming up today the u.s. department of justice is appealing the eighty and time warner merger with we talk
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with professor a lecturer at american university margo's and steve walz about what it may mean plus the european union is taking on air b.n. b. the online lodging marketplace over inaccurate pricing is many e.u. member states are also pushing for a digital tax artie's peter oliver reports from berlin on the latest developments and alcoa is the large u.s. aluminum company or al of many a company is seeking a waiver for canadian aluminum to come into the country tariff free parties alex pilotage give us the latest from kalonzo on the waiver and how the company is coping with the new rules of reality of doing business across the u.s. to navy and border plus we spoke last time about the difficulty in the electric vehicles faced well today we asked which companies may actually profit in the rough and tumble emerging global market place argues actually banks take a look at potential winners were packed as usual so let's get right to it with a few have. a brewing diplomatic dispute between canada and saudi arabia over
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women's rights has quickly escalated in recent days and investors are starting to wonder if trade and investment will be impacted on monday the kingdom of saudi arabia recalled their ambassador from canada officially expelled canada's a bass are sending him back to ottawa saudi education officials say they will cancel scholarships and job training for about seven thousand students from saudi arabia who are currently studying in canada the absolute monarchy took the. actions after taking offense at a statement from the canadian embassy in riyadh that called for the immediate release of at least eighteen women's rights activists who have been jailed since the apparent crackdown started in may this echoed earlier statements by canadian officials including a personal tweet by the canadian foreign minister chrystia freeland that a saudi monarchy denounced kadian statement as quote an overt and blatant interference in saudi internal affairs miss freeland addressed the spat before the
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media in vancouver are values based foreign policy are support for human rights and for women's rights is an essential part of who we are when we speak for canada in the world. when it comes to the broader relationship with saudi arabia our diplomats have. procedural questions today and we're waiting for answers on how saudi arabia intends to go forward with every patient. chance today the front line of u.s. labor movements fight for survival in the midwestern state of missouri continues labor leaders there are working to defeat the missouri legislators attempt to make missouri the nation's twenty ninth so-called right to work state three hundred seven three hundred ten thousand petitions were submitted last year to put the law to the electorate on a referendum being voted upon today laws of this kind effect only impose anti-union
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policies across the state the congressional research service here in washington found in two thousand and twelve that states with right to work laws typically have lower wages than states with pro labor laws we'll have more on the outcome of the referendum on our broadcast next time. and if you are a regular boom buster you know we cover the media merger madness all. the time and we have to pay particular attention to the a.t.m. tea time warner merger and the landmark court case surrounding it well as we've reported the u.s. department of justice supported themselves the option of appealing a decision back on july twelfth and now they have formally appealed judge richard leon's decision to allow the merger to go forward the d.o.j. which was spelled it out there brief it in a brief yesterday said quote fundamental principles of economics and common sense of been disregarded for more on this we're joined once again by professor story
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a lecturer at american university. survey of t.v. and radio commentator steve moore thanks for both you for joining us margo to you first d.o.j. was pretty basic and blunt in their criticism of judge leon decision but i suppose they had to be right and what are the key points that they raised as their disagreement in this filing one of the key points that they made was an assessment of judge leon failing to understand how corporations work in their divisions to maximize profits saying he had a basic misunderstanding of economic theory i mean it was a blunt criticism that appeared to attack leon as much as it was going after the time warner merger and i also think it's important to note from this document that was filed yesterday that they did know this has the potential to shape the media landscape for years to come and i think that they were urging caution in allowing this to move forward saying we need to really need to understand how this has the
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opportunity to shape streaming to shape television broadcast cable as well as mobile advertising for a long time to come well it's really important and we appreciate you helping us along the way on this thing because it is so critical and steve what's eighty and t.'s reaction to they just sort of trying to write it off as a frivolous what do they say. well the attorney said that they were surprised in the first place that the appeal was made they said an appeal is not a do over by any means and that this this case was decided on the law and it was thorough they also took note of the filing yesterday by the government and said nothing in that brief changes anything anything whatsoever they also pointed to the fact that this is the first time the government has challenged a vertical merger in over four decades so that this was a rarity to begin with the decision was thoroughly based on the law and now even
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after losing the go and back at it so he expressed the attorney expressed surprise and margot i mean do you think that'll be the case or is that merely trying to sort of slough it off as not being serious i mean d.o.j. has you know tried to make these particular points will slash time warner have to come back with a little bit more firepower than just saying ditto and what we said before i have to think eight hundred he is guilty of a little hubris here just a few weeks after judge leon's opinion in that case the. direct t.v. now streaming service road raised its prices for consumers and this was after arguing a trial that a merger between eight hundred time warner wouldn't raise any prices so i have to say there's a part of me that thought gosh there are already hitting consumers in their pocketbooks here so i have to wonder how time warner is going to. is going to move
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forward with this i would agree that they seem to think this is a non-issue for them and that they will win on appeal but i have to think in boardrooms right now somebody is trying to decide how they are going to go forward and file their september twentieth motion of the deadline to file a motion to september twentieth and what they what exactly they're going to address . and margo stephen i spoke not too long ago about the twenty first century disney deal and what it might mean it was a great and fun discussion steve but what margot does having this case the time warner case not fully locked down i mean decided to go forward but boy if you're a business in the media space does this send some sort of chilling impact or with regard to the twenty first century fox is that something that's already gone forward and they've dealt with it i think the people who are probably happiest yesterday were comcast executives perhaps that they are out of the deal for twenty
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first century fox and disney because it really looks like jay was mostly concerned about here was the combination of distribution service buying a content provider so i don't see this having an effect on the disney twenty first century fox merger but let's remember that disney twenty first century fox in that merger deal fox agreed to spin off its regional sports programming in order to fly under the radar of d.o.j. had they not done that i think they would have gotten more scrutiny from the department of justice antitrust division in one thousand nine hundred time warner deal they weren't willing to to look at that and actually and judge leon's opinion he didn't make any any recommendation that there would have been any concessions in that way either so i think other mergers that does need twenty first century fox i think it's likely secure but other media companies especially distribution and
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content distribution services looking to buy content providers they have got to be seeing this as a caution definitely you know a caution flag as they you know because i think after june everybody thought anything was possible in terms of mergers and acquisitions and this is a signal that anything really isn't and that justice is going to take a really hard look at those those decisions and those mergers that are moving for. i'm interested in your take on that same question steve but also you know look the d.o.j. whether or not they're right or wrong and i'm not an attorney i don't know but they say this could cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars if it goes through and they claim that the judge didn't take all of this into account and so they're going through the appeals process what are your what your thoughts on this well look as you and i have previously discussed on this specific merger the landscape is so different this is not. some kind of monopoly in the making here that's going to dominate the airwaves and you know they talked about
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a trial the properties of time warner like c.n.n. specifically being must see must have that's bogus that's nonsense nothing is must see it must have eighteen t is now going to compete with the likes of netflix and amazon if you have amazon prime you get the content for free and google and you tube and every every i mean this content all over the place to think that this is going to stifle innovation and that they're going to be able to raise their prices and do whatever they want and yank their programming off of other distributors and raise their prices on theirs to put it on is just naive if nothing is that important anymore so i don't think that could be further from the truth now as far as what the judge might have overlooked here they claim that he did not allow them to call expert witnesses and also that they ignored that the judge ignored an eighteen t. f.c.c. filing with its subsidiary direct t.v. where they once expressed fears of a verb.


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